Crack the Code: The Code of Conduct in Gentlemen’s Club Maxim Vienna

Gentlemen’s Clubs have always been the embodiment of tradition. It was a sophisticated space for socializing, connecting and de-stressing. The experience of these clubs is all about following the rules and keeping to a code of conduct that ensures a respectful and harmonious atmosphere. Let’s explore this topic in more detail.

Table of contents:

The birth of Private Social Clubs

Let’s go back to the 18th century. The first Private Social Club was founded in Great Britain. Only Gentlemen of high social rank were allowed to be members of such an elite club. Hence, a Gentlemen’s Club was a place for wealthy British men to socialise with fine drinks and cigars.

Only the finest champagne and cigars were provided for the wealthy society in these clubs. A gentlemen’s club was thus a luxury-filled place with the highest levels of comfort and special amenities. A club of this kind offered a time-out for the wealthy, who could buy the feeling of exclusivity and the highest level with high membership fees.

dancer in Maxim Vienna Gentlemen's Club

What is a Gents Club today?

Now we know the origins but how do we define it in todays society? Lets take our all-in-one nightclub Maxim Vienna as a good example of todays approach. This brings us to an often asked question: Is Maxim Vienna a Gentlemen’s Club in Vienna? The many designations that exist in this industry can be confusing. To find an answer to this question, we have to dig a little deeper and ask one more question:

What is the difference between a strip club and a gentlemen’s club?

Usually, strip clubs are open to a wide audience. All kinds of people get cheap or even free admission to the strip club. The dress code is not very strict and is rather casual.

This contrasts with the gentlemen’s club, which gives a particularly neat, orderly and classic impression. The typical gentlemen’s club follows a strict dress code from business to semi-business.

In both venues you will find ladies who dance on the pole as strippers to entertain the guests. Essentially, a gentlemen’s club differs from a strip club in the details. However, a gents club like Maxim Vienna, offers a VIP nightclub experience. Apart from the fact that Maxim Vienna also offers erotic services in private rooms, a gentlemen’s club offers a higher level of exclusivity.

If one were to strictly separate the two establishments, one would have to describe a wild atmosphere to the Strip Club, where people like to party a lot and loudly. The Gentlemen’s Club, on the other hand, would be described as having a relaxed atmosphere.

Maxim Vienna’s Etiquette Guideline for Guests

Now we understand the definition of a gentlemen’s club and the connection to Maxim Vienna. This finally brings us to the core question of this article. What is the code of conduct and etiquette at the Maxim Vienna Gentlemen Club?

Maxim Vienna puts emphasis on a few house rules, which everyone can easily follow. Here is our guideline for guests:

  • Dress to impress
  • Be kind & respectful
  • Keep it confidential
  • Be considerate of using club facilities
  • Maintain harmony

Dress To Impress

We don’t require a formal suit and tie, but the Maxim Girls do like to see well-groomed guests. A clean and ironed shirt looks neat, tidy and inviting. That’s pretty clear. However, Flip-Flops are not appropriate for an upscale nightclub. The phrase “clothes make the man” is still true and relevant.

Be kind & respectful

To crack the code of conduct, being respectful and being polite are the most fundamental behavioral rules at Maxim Vienna and any other gentlemen’s club. We expect our guests, as well as our staff and of course our Maxim Girls, to be polite, respectful and friendly towards each other.

Keep it confidential

What happens in the club, stays in the club. It is an unwritten rule in any upscale club to keep it confidential. It is only natural that in our industry we pay special attention to the privacy and discretion of our guests. This is not only one of our rules, but should also be observed by our guests.

Be considerate of using club facilities

A mindful approach not only to other people but also to the club facilities is a basic requirement. Apart from being careful with the facilities and equipment, it is also important to remember the code of conduct as to where and how to behave.

However, the code of conduct explicitly specifies that no sexual acitvities are permitted in public areas such as the main area. More private and intimate encounters are reserved for the designated private bedrooms.

Maintain the harmony

It is essential to maintain a harmonious and peaceful vibe and to avoid public arguments. We cannot stress enough that all interactions with club staff, Maxim girls and other guests should be handled with the highest level of courtesy and respect. This is part of a guest’s role in maintaining the clubs high standards and harmony.

Should there be any conflicts, please handle it in a calm and discreet manner. Our guests are encouraged to seek guidance from personnel if a conflict arises to assure that issues are resolved without disturbing the club’s atmosphere. Maintaining a positive and harmonious environment is crucial at all times.

Embrace Maxim Vienna’s guest guidelines

Now that we have cracked the Code of Conduct, it is easy to adopt and follow Maxim Vienna‘s values and guidelines. By respecting these few rules, new and returning guests can be welcomed to blend smoothly into our club community and contribute to a continuing spirit of mutual respect and sophistication.