Maxim Wien’s review of the year 2022

The year 2022 is coming to an end with fast steps. Therefore, we look back on an eventful one and start with an excerpt of Hermann Wohlgenannt’s New Year’s poem:

“And again a year comes to an end.

Time, it slipped through our hands.

The year has hardly begun,

it’s already gone.

We look back, very carefully,

what happiness and sorrow it brought.

Have our wishes come true?

Were our longings satisfied?

Already when this year began,

many things did not go according to our plan.

There were many disappointments,

but we were not indifferent to that.

We succeeded in many things,

We struggled for happiness.

Success like that is good for you,

It gives you new courage.

Now, in these days,

we want to ask for our Savior anew.

And walk with him through this time,

to be united in eternity.”

This poem fits wonderfully with the roller coaster ride called 2022, because it went up and down and shook us up well once again. An exciting ride of worry and hope, enthusiasm and maybe a little fear. But once you’ve made the ride, you get off with a laugh and warm feelings of happiness. That’s pretty much how we feel at Maxim Vienna.

There is only one week left before Christmas and the Christmas holidays. The snow is quietly falling in Austria’s capital city, and the scent of fir branches and Christmas cookies is everywhere. A little peace and contemplation is returning at the end of the year. And while the world slowly finds peace, we review the year.

Once around the world from amusing to saddening

Before we take a closer look at Sex Club Maxim Vienna, we find it just as exciting what the year 2022 had in store for us around the world. The whole alphabet could be filled with the headlines of the year.

From A for Anna Delvey turning leg cuffs into fashion as a con artist, or Jeffrey Dahmer not just cutting up his loves, but eating them. While Johnny Depp fought for his reputation, Will Smith slapped his colleague at the Oscars. Even the Q word can be well filled this year, because this year the Queen left us.

One of the TOP 10 searches on Google at one point was “How long will the quarantine last?” A question and its consequences that also concerned us as a nightspot.

We also wondered why diesel is now more expensive than gasoline and why the song Layla is banned? Not to forget the omnipresent war between Russia and Ukraine. These and many more events moved us and still do.

Maxim Wien looks back

The year 2022 was no less adventurous for Maxim Wien. The start of 2022 was definitely bumpy, as the Covid-19 measures had us in their stranglehold. It wasn’t until March, when spring slowly showed itself, that the tight grip let go and we were allowed to open Maxim Vienna. However, with newfound motivation and joy, we were again faced with the next challenge.

New stumbling blocks

The regulations brought further stumbling blocks. They made it difficult to quickly get back to pre-pandemic times. This affects not only us, but the entire industry in Austria and Vienna in particular.

Because the city puts obstacles in the way of ladies who want to work. This year it was difficult to get the necessary work documents (e.g. green card). Among other things, this was associated with long waiting times. The general level of confidence in Austria has also declined. The result is reflected in the number of ladies.

Hurdles are there to be mastered

Every challenge and every stumbling block was a hurdle we had to jump over. Looking back, we are happy and also a little proud that Maxim Vienna has now got everything well under control. We are going in the right direction; strengthened, motivated and, above all, together as one team.


We have extraordinary regular ladies at Maxim Vienna who have accompanied us through the hard times and shown their strength and perseverance. We sincerely thank all the ladies who gave Maxim Vienna the chance to show why Maxim Vienna is what it is. Of course, the same goes for all the staff at Maxim Vienna who have continued to work in and on Maxim Vienna.

We are looking forward to a new year with all our ladies, our staff, our especially appreciated regular guests who have always supported us and new guests who want to discover Maxim Wien for themselves.

Full speed ahead

So we have defined our goal for the coming year. We are working to return Maxim Wien to its glory days, as it was before the outbreak of the microbe. We are very motivated and positive about this project.

Maxim Wien wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We wish you a Merry Christmas, a New Year and a new happiness. A hope in your soul and a light, one step forward, one step back, in togetherness and confidence.