Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? So we answer: “Our Maxim Girls, they are the fairest ones of all.” In order to be able to look at the beautiful Maxim Girls from all angles, we have equipped one of our VIP rooms according to this motto.

Sex Club Maxim Wien provides erotic fun with mirrors

To live up to the motto, we lined the renovated VIP room with mirrors on the walls. Very soon we will also add mirrors to the ceiling to leave nothing to be desired. So you can watch the Maxim girl or girls of your choice from any position. If that’s not hot, hotter it is hottest!

Sensual and mystical interior

The Maxim VIP room is spacious and appears even more spacious thanks to the mirrors. Dark colors ensure simple elegance and sexy flair in the VIP room. Light textiles and natural materials create a harmonious balance. The lights placed around the room complete the impressive ambience.

Wet in the shower

The shower has also been expanded. It now has enough space for two or more people. The glass wall gives you a full view of what is happening in the shower. Equipped with two rain showers and a massage shower, Sex Club Maxim Wien now offers even more erotic play options. Whether as an observer from the bed or right in the middle of the action, here you can live out all your boozy fantasies.

Now even better in the sex club Maxim Vienna

We never tire of improving. Because the feel-good factor of our guests comes first. Therefore, we are gradually renovating other rooms. We create a modern and stimulating environment. The rule is: better sex in a better atmosphere. We look forward to your visit to the sex club Maxim Vienna.