Miss Maxim Contest 2017 & first rap battle in a brothel

Bordel Austria News: Miss Maxim Contest 2017. A crowd of cameramen filmed every step of celebrity master builder “Mörtel” Richard Lugner.

His arrival was accentuated with his song “I bin da Lugner”, which means I am the Lugner – what a suitable entrée. But he created the scandal with his entourage already with the arrival.

The media “Kronen Zeitung” reports in his video clip, Richard Lugner rolled up in Hitler’s car. Here you can watch their article: http://www.krone.at/591348

Shortly after Lugner and his ladies were seated, the first heat of the Miss Maxim Election 2017 started instantly.

Each of the masked Maxim Girls was called one after the other from Alexander Klement, the host of our gala night. The contestants were invited to show a little dance performances.

It has been a feast for the eyes. Oe24.tv reporter Larissa Eckhardt was also present and interviewed master builder Lugner. After the first round we treated our girls to take a breather and continued with following evening programme

Austria’s first RAP BATTLE in a brothel

By the way we are the host the first time of a freestyle rap battle. We and our guests had a fun time! The club was packed; we even had to stop the entry. Many young people from the rap music scene were at our event and made an incredible atmosphere in this bordel Austria.

Promo Girl in Bordel Austria Maxim Wien

Together with DJ King US radio host JoeJoe really fired on the audience!

At the end he emerged as the winner of the rap battle: Lxo von Dealer Muzik.

Hot, hotter – Maxim Bordel Austria!

And the jury had voted! The winner is CARLA

A charming lady with charisma and an aura!

After 5 years of loyalty at our bordel Austria, Carla clinched the title of Miss Maxim for the second time! We are really pleased to have her part of the team, as she is besides her bombastic appearance also a true and loving soul.

Dancer on the stage, Carla

We are proud of all our Maxim Girls who faced the challenge with a twinkling eye and never to lose the fun and curiosity! We would like to thank Ariana, Bella, Julia, Aisha, Daisy, Sylvia, Naomi, Anna, Arielle, Eva and Carla.

Miss Maxim 2017, Carla

For us, all girls are champions!

Alexander Klement, member of Austria’s oldest boy group called “Die3”, moderated through the evening and gifted us as well with his musical highlight.

Schlumberger presented here for the first time its new „luminous“ edition: Schlumberger Night Brut & Schlumberger Night Rosé.

It’s the Austrian answer to French champagne!

Also the three riders of the Miss Maxim contest got among other things noble drops of Schlumberger.

As well Hennessey did not wish to miss out to provide his special Hennessey V.S. for the winner of the rap battle.

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