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Nationalities of sexworkers in Vienna… Europe, EU or are they Romanians?

Prostitution Wien, the origins of Sexworkers in Austria. These has been the most controversial topics in the last few years.

As most of our readers will be aware a huge part of all sexworkers in Austria are from Romania. There is quite a gap and then follow the Hungarians, Bulgarians and girls from other Easter European countries that engage in prostitution Wien.

Where are all the Hungarian, Slovakian, Czech, Polish and above all… the Russian Ladies in Prostitution Wien?

The Hungarian girls were never really gone and have been a part of the Austrian sex industry for a long while. But in the past there were many many Slovakian girls, Czech girls and hundreds of beauties of the former Soviet Union to be found in Austria, mostly in Vienna. This has changed quite dramatically since Austria joined the EU and when countries like Romania and Bulgaria entered the EU scene the games has been brought to a whole new level.

Sexy Russian Girl in Prostitution Wien Business

And there is the new Prostitution law which only allows ladies of the EU or ladies with a permanent residence visa to practice prostitution Wien. Ladies who do not “qualify” will not be able to obtain the often called “green card” (it is only green in Vienna and has different colors in the different Austrian states) which is a kind of health book that plays and integral role in the girl’s profession. Without this book confirming they are in good health, they are not allowed to offer their services.

That said, it doesn’t come as such as surprise that hardly any Russian or Ukrainian ladies come to work with us anymore. Even if they were already in possession of a green card before, with the latest update of the prostitution law in April 2012, they’d have to give it back and stop working. The doctors are advised to not examine them anymore and not give them the much needed stamp to confirm fitness to work as a prostitute.

This very situation has been a big pain in the ass for a lot of consumers and is a sad development. The Russian ladies in particular were notorious and most popular over many decades due to their charm and exceptional service level. Needless to remind you how beautiful they often were.
The very popular group of Aisan and African ladies have the same problem by the way. Seeing that they are obviously not citizens of any EU country they do are not permitted to work as sexworkers in Austria and are out of a job for the time being with no prospect of getting another one.

Speaking of “beautiful”… despite the mentioned fact there are obviously still unbelievably many pretty sexworkers in Österreich, all of which are actually allowed to work legal. I have to highlight Romania in that regard as they “supply” a tremendous amount of young and pretty girls on any given day to the EU and to Austria in particular. Please excuse the comparison but Romania is like a “factory” or “manufactorer” of beauties.

Flexible and beautiful, you can’t take that away from the Romanian girls…!

One of the most remarkable assets of our Romanian beauties is their immense flexibility and ability to learn languages fast and well. Since Romaninan is a latin language it is not that hard for them to learn Spanish and Italian and become effective in their prostitution Wien practice. In school they mostly learned English and French too which is why they are usually able to converse with almost everyone quite a bit.

When it comes to learning German, though, they are often very reluctant to do it but the more ambitious and smart girls still do it and when they do, they are able to learn also our difficult language pretty well and fast.

It is a mix of all those assets, the gift for languages, the ambition, the flexibility and the willingness to leave their country and the clear objective (which is often not their free will) to make big money fast, which sets Romanians apart from sexworkers of most other nations. The advantage of being the absolute biggest group and the willingness to use their ellbows on the road to the top must be mentioned too. This is one of the main reasons why the relationship between Romanians and girls from other countries is often not that good and sometimes even partly hostile.

What do the customers think about Romanian girls being the biggest group of sexworkers?

The reasons why the girls from other countries are unhappy that so many Romanian girls are to be found in Austria and Europe are obvious and logical. But what do the guests think about it?

There is, of course, no absolute truth or opnion here and there are many pro and con arguments. And be it as it may, the situation is not about to change soon. We do have an active Prostitution law that regulates the market. Furthermore there are the already mentioned assets and attributes of the Romanian ladies… you can say without the shadow of a doubt that we will not suffer from a shortage of Romanian girls any time soon. I for one am not worried at all.

But I do worry sometimes about how this topic polarizes and how my guests who have been going to brothels of any kind for decades do not really want to hear about Romanian girls anymore.

Even though I am able to see both sides of prostitution Wien (and personally am a big fan of Russians, Slovakian and Czech girls myself), I can’t and don’t want to see this business without the Romanian girl and like to contradict strongly when people start to rant and start to speak badly about them.

And one more thing I am entirely certain of: the biggest victims of this preconception and the negative sentiments towards them are the ladies and at the end of the day it is not really their fault alone. It is, as it is in nature, an evolutionary development: you adapt to your environment, learn to deal with laws and obstacles that are thrown your way and use your elbows and your mind to stand the test of time and the competition. The competition is, of course, to be found among their own people too.

EU – Europe = Romania…Moldavia too?

Silly question, easy to answer. Yeah -Whenever you stumble upon “EU” declaring the nationality of the girl, that means really always that she is Romanian. And when a girl claims to be from Moldavia, then she really is Romanian and lives in the province of Moldova. The fact that it sounds very much alike often works in favor of the Romanian ladies. Moldavia sounds fancier than Romania and it may give the impression that the girl is a kind of Russian one.

As a matter of fact a Moldavian citizen is not a citizen of the European Union and therefore not entitled to work as a sexworker or any other job in Austria for that matter.

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