New at Maxim Wien: the hottest table dance in Vienna

New at the erotic nightclub Maxim Wien: the hottest table dance in Vienna! In our all-in-one nightclub, our guests get the ultimate party experience! Table dance is hot and seductive, but at the same time casual and relaxed. Read our blog to find out why you shouldn’t miss the hottest table dance in Vienna.

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Why a table dance at Maxim Wien is even better

Why is a table dance at Maxim Vienna better? Everything is possible at the all-in-one sex club Maxim Wien! Our sexy Maxim girls will get your pulse racing. In a seductive atmosphere and modern club vibes, you can expect a unique form of adult entertainment with lots of party fun and, of course, hot erotic action.

The girls
Our attractive Maxim Girls are there to have fun with you. They bring the party atmosphere to the table. With or without table dancing. Immerse yourself fully in the exciting atmosphere at Sex Club Maxim Vienna. Toast together with one of the exclusive champagnes, enjoy the company of one or more girls and feel like the king of the evening.

An experience for everyone
Whether as a lone wolf or as a group experience: a table dance at Maxim Wien is an exciting and seductive experience for everyone. Enjoy the show all to yourself and receive the undivided attention of the girl of your choice. If you visit us with your friends, the atmosphere is guaranteed to boil over. Treat yourselves to a table dance at your table to share an experience with the whole group.

Unlimited fun
In a classic strip club, sexual acts of any kind are strictly forbidden. You’ll quickly reach your fun limit. With all-in-one sex club Maxim Vienna, you can look forward to even more nudity in a private room. And of course, as always – only if you want to. With us, there is no pressure or obligation.

In keeping with the motto:

Getting an appetite during a table dance – but eat in our private room

Visit us for an exciting party night in Vienna

Our attractive girls, who are not stingy with their charms, await you at Maxim Wien. With an exuberant atmosphere, seductive table dance and more erotic goodies, you’ll be right in the centre of the action.

Let yourself be carried away by the moment, let go of your inhibitions and have fun. Enjoy the show at the all-in-one Sex Club Maxim with striptease, table dance and more. If that’s not enough, top off the erotic party and treat yourself to the climax in a private room.