Brothel Austria proud: I am from Austria

Once Upon a time…

Once upon a time there was a virus. This virus, called Covid-19, tried to conquer the world. It’s the year 2020, the year of the Corona. For a long time it caused fear and terror. The world held its breath for a brief moment. The world was still. But could mankind destroy evil?

A land full of forest cities

We take a map in our hand and our finger points to a small country. The country is surrounded by forests; it was rumoured that the trees in these forests were explosive. But we still do not know whether this is true. Some call the inhabitants of this country Austrians; others know them as forest inhabitants, because Austria is supposed to consist of many forest cities. Well, anyway, let’s call this green country Austria in this short story.

Austria Brothel Maxim Wien in a forest city
The Maxim Wien Austrian Brothel surrounded by explosive trees in a forest town

And an enchanted house of joy

In the middle of Austria’s largest forest city, also called Vienna, there is a house. For many years the tradition has been passed on to the next generation. It was a house of bliss. This story is about this brothel. This house of joy in the centre of Vienna is called Brothel Austria Maxim Wien. As the name suggests, it has given countless guests many great and joyful moments.

Of courage and bravery

Then came the year of the dreaded Covid-19, which tried to bring Maxim Wien to its knees. But the Brothel Austria Maxim Wien was brave and courageous. It faced the virus and any obstacles it put in its way.

Strength and hope

The whole country bravely stood up and sang against the virus. It sang the unofficial anthem “I am from Austria” – a work by Rainhard Fendrich. The population drew courage, strength and hope. Maxim Wien’s heart also shone. It saw what a wonderful country it was in; a country that fights together and holds together.

“I am from Austria” from Rainhard Fendrich

I am from Austria

A passage from the well-known work of the famous Rainhard Fendrich touched the whole country and also Maxim Wien in particular: “I stand by you in light and shadow, at all times.” Maxim Wien felt the solidarity of the people more than ever, and the support that was given to them.

… And if it hasn’t died, then it keeps fighting.

Something like this could start a story in the distant future

See you soon in the Brothel Austria

Unfortunately, worldwide laws, regulations and measures make traveling around the world difficult. For this reason, very few people find their way to Vienna and finally to us in the Brothel Austria Maxim Wien. We have to accept this with crying and sad eyes. We hope that the situation will change for the better very soon and that we will be able to welcome guests from all over the world again.

We thank our guests from Austria for all their support

The other eye is crying too, but out of gratitude. This is because we get sentimental and are grateful for our dear guests from our homeland who find their way to us. Austria sticks together – Maxim Wien sticks together. As unusual as these times are in which we are now, we are optimistic about the future. We just have to treat each other with respect and solidarity.

I am from Austria – Maxim Wien

Brothel Austria Maxim Wien thanks every single guest!

Austria sticks together – We stick together

“”You can do whatever you want, I am here, I listen … I am from Austria””