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List of the best Strippers at Stripclub Maxim Wien in 2020

In addition to being a sexclub, Maxim is one of the still standing strip clubs in Vienna that you can go to if you want to see sexy girls stripping in the capital of Austria. Some of our Maxim girls are exceptionally skilled on the dancing pole and they are able to draw all attention in the strip club to themselves with their erotic and seductive moves. For years, we had girls who were great Vienna strippers and we intend to continue this tradition in 2020 too! Meet the best Girls of our Strip Club Vienna!

Best strippers currently working in our Strip Club Vienna

There are some beautiful and sexy Maxim girls among the current line-up of ladies who excel at erotic dances and striptease. The following ladies are not only great dancers, but they are available right now in our Stripclub Maxim Wien!


Carla is a sexy blonde who has been working in Maxim Wien for a number of years now. In fact, Carla was the winner of the 2014 and 2017 Miss Maxim competition that was held in our Strip Club Vienna. She earned this title by being declared the sexiest and best dancer in the club by the contest’s judges.

Carla in Strip club Vienna Maxim

Carla is still working in our strip club in Vienna and loves to dance up on the stage for your viewing pleasure. Her erotic striptease shows and seductive moves are sure to make anyone’s blood start to boil with excitement. Read Carla’s Maxim profile for further knowledge about this sexy blonde now!


Daisy is another one of the ladies who has been with us in our Wien stripclub for some time now. Like any Maxim girl who is exceptionally hot while dancing on the pole, Daisy has also earned the title of Miss Maxim in 2018. This title shows that she has been declared the best stripper and dancer in the strip club Wien at one point.

Daisy in black dress in Strip Club Maxim Wien

Daisy moves very sexually on the strip pole, often grabbing the attention of men as soon as she starts her routine. With her excellent figure, pretty face and erotic dance moves, she is definitely among the best strippers in Maxim currently available. If you want to get to know her better, take a look at Daisy’s Maxim profile right now!


Valentina hasn’t spent as much time in Maxim as the previous ladies, but she is still considered to be one of the best currently available strippers in our Vienna strip club. She joined our club last year in 2019 and she won the Miss Maxim title shortly after. Valentina is an experienced lady who knows how to move seductively on the stage.

Valentina in leather jacket in Stripclub Maxim Wien

With a bombastic body and passionate dance moves, this hot MILF is as enthralling as any of the other ladies mentioned. Her blonde hair and seductive looks add to the watching experience and she definitely makes you want her. Valentina is exceptionally good at winning over men by utilizing her erotic striptease moves. Read more about this sexy MILF on Valentina’s Maxim profile!

Honorary mentions of our Strip Club Vienna

As previously written, we have also had a great line-up of excellent dancers in Maxim previously. All of these ladies have won the Miss Maxim contest at least once, meaning they have been declared the best dancers at that time. Although these girls are no longer working in our Strip Club Vienna, they still deserve an honorary mention as the best strippers who once worked in the Maxim club.


Julia has worked in our stripclub Wien way back in 2013 and she has earned the title of Miss Maxim in that year. She was a great dancer and definitely worthy of mentioning here as part of our Strip Club Vienna history. She was a great performer and easily caught the attention of men.

Julia on a poster as Erotic Queen 2013 of Maxim
Julia on a poster as Erotic Queen 2013 of Maxim Wien


Lolita won the Miss Maxim contest in 2015 and she rightfully deserved it. When she worked in our stripclub Vienna, this young lady was a very erotic dancer on the stage. She had a fit and slim body that she truly knew how to move.


Amanda worked in Maxim nightclub and earned the Miss Maxim title in 2016. This busty brunette seduced the men in the Vienna sex scene her body night after night. She definitely enjoyed being on the stage, and the men enjoyed watching her perform her routine in one of the best strip clubs in Vienna.

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If you require additional information about any of the Maxim girls who are currently working in our Strip Club Vienna, do not hesitate to contact us here: Maxim Wien contact. Our professional staff will make sure to disperse any doubt of inquiries that you might have. Call us now or visit us at the Maxim strip club today!