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As I have been advised by lots of clever people who I appreciate, some of which were colleagues, guests and friends in the Vienna sex business, I have decided to become a blogger too, extend the Nightclub Maxim Wien website by yet another category and start with the official Maxim Blog immediately.

As you all know there are lots of pretty girls and ladies to be found in Nightclub Maxim. That is nothing new and we manage to keep up this high standard for a while now. But in order to solve this task there are a lot of things to be done and sometimes it is quite an effort. Even in times like having a huge amount of sexworkers looking for sex jobs it is hard to attract the ones into the sex bar Wien that are right for us. I won’t disclose all tricks as to how sexworkers can be attracted but I can give an insight into the life of the “Maxim Wien management”.

Recruiting girls and dancers or other staff members is by far not the only daily task we face.

The Online and Offline tasks of Sex Bar Wien

We have to deal with marketing issues – online and offline. Have to think of new and innovative promotions and events and maybe discounts. Have to help the ladies when they are in distress or just need to open up and speak about their problems. Have to deal with happy and unfortunately sometimes unhappy customers. Stay connected and social and on the pulse, do research… lots and lots of research on a daily basis.

Nightclub Maxim Wien

Furthermore physical presence is key because you cannot rule a sex bar Wien with girls like that from your PC or (even smart) mobile devices. That is a pity, or then again, is it really…!?

The Daily Work

But the physical presence is a pain sometimes. On some days the work is great fun and things run super smoothly. Those are the days when nothing goes wrong, everybody’s in a good mood and business is great as well.

But there are those days which are not that pleasant and your physical presence is actually painful… for everyone involved. They are those days when you bring the bad mood into work which is never good as it puts everything to a stop and makes for a bad working climate. I have to admit, that on those particular days, I tend to cut my losses and just leave. Leave the club and leave everyone alone to not make things worse.

But these days are truly the exception of the rule and I am proud to say that the climate and the atmosphere in sex bar Wien Maxim is mostly good and the team functions as a unit… more or less and is reasonable. On those days I am more than happy to stay until the end of the program at 06am in the morning even though I mostly have to get up early to be on time for appointments and start work early. The majority of my tasks need to be done during the day which may be news to many of you.

I really think the first post of a new blog needn’t be longer than this which is why I call it a day.

In the future I will post all News, Promotions, Show Events and all other interesting stuff here on this very blog to keep you all informed.

Don’t forget to check back for the news about Sex Bar Wien on Maxim-Wien!

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