Vienna brothels smoke-free: sound and smoke?

Smoking ban in Vienna brothels: One man’s pain, another man’s pleasure

Sorry, but we could not avoid it! Since the 1st of November 2019 it is forbidden to smoke in all restaurants and Vienna brothels. The “stop smoking Wien” movement has reached our club too. Oh, you beautiful Austria, Land of the Ranter. We are angry with you, but in the end it brings us more advantages than disadvantages. Let’s see what advantages the smoking in Vienna ban has for Nightclub Maxim Wien and our guests.

Why a smoke-free nightclub Maxim Wien is smashing

Can you smell the fragrance? Then quickly go to Nightclub Maxim Wien, so you can smell it too! In our Vienna brothel it smells like Chanel No.5 and many other perfumes. With no smoking in Vienna, this is even more prominent now. We have a tip on how you can perceive the scents even better. Attention, insider tip: You have to get very close to the Maxim Girls. This leads us to the next important question that we would like to answer.

How to get very close to the sexy girls in Nightclub Maxim Wien?

Enjoying a bottle of champagne together with the girls works wonderfully. Ideally, ask the chosen Maxim Girl or the Maxim Girls what their favorite champagne is. Here you can lean in and whisper right in her ear and smell the scent of Chanel No.5, Dior and Co. This will leave you wanting more! The seductive scent is not overshadowed by cigarette smoke. And when it comes to hot kissing later, the bad taste after smoking is also off the table because of the Maxim cigarettes ban .

stop smoking in Vienna brothels

Better sex in Club Maxim

Say goodbye to nicotine at Nightclub Maxim Wien and have better sex in the smoke-free brothel. Did you know that only one cigarette smoked in Vienna brothels is enough to immediately cause an erectile dysfunction? We don’t want that to happen to you! We want you to have a hot and passionate night ahead of you. In the new smoke-free Vienna brothel you will be less tempted to grab a cigarette. That’s what we call a steadfast advantage!

Vienna brothels: and even better sex without smoke

Aside from your potency, you need a good dose of lust for sex. When consuming tobacco, this directly affects the libido. This goes for men and women alike. And since we all have to do without smoking, we all benefit from it. As a man, it gives you more desire, better performance and longevity in bed. Women and in particular the Maxim Girls in Vienna brothel Maxim have more desire and even bigger orgasms. Perform better and bring our Maxim Girls even more pleasure in the no smoking brothel in Vienna.

Nightclub Maxim Wien is even more beautiful

One of many other advantages we would like to mention is health, as it is also a decisive factor for our Vienna brothel Club Maxim. We’ll be even more beautiful if we do not smoke! The smoke of cigarettes makes us age. The smoke-free zone at Nightclub Maxim Wien will make our Maxim Girls even more beautiful as they are no longer exposed to non-stop smoke. And when our Maxim Girls feel nice, they are more confident and they perform better when you are under a Maxim Girl.

Consider this post a gateway to a smoke-free generation. Come visit us soon and experience the above mentioned advantages first-hand. For a smoke-free and better future at Nightclub Maxim Wien.