Do you have a foot fetish? Visit exclusive sex club Maxim Vienna and make your dreams come true

Foot fetish in our exclusive sex club

You love feet on beautiful women? You don’t know where you can live out your foot fetish without inhibitions? We’ll tell you why you’ll get your money’s worth at the exclusive sex club Maxim Vienna.

Let’s talk about following things:

  • What is a foot fetish?
  • Experience foot fetish with all senses in our exclusive sex club
  • Why Maxim Girls love foot fetishists
  • What you are allowed to do with a foot fetish in our exclusive sex club
  • Find your happiness with us

What exactly is a foot fetish?

Some people get sexually aroused when they see a handful of well-shaped breasts, others at the sight of a peachy round bottom. And then there are those who get aroused by feet. With about 20% of all men, the foot fetish is probably the best known and most common fetish.

While some are aroused by well-groomed and painted toenails in high heels, others love white socks that are also allowed to smell. Then there are foot fanatics who seek the game of power and control. There are countless ways to live out your foot fetish.

Experience your foot fetish with all senses in an exclusive sex club our

In the exclusive sex club Maxim Vienna you can experience your foot fetish with all your senses. Every kind of fetish related to feet finds its recognition here. We know that our Maxim Girls are especially fond of guests with foot fetishes.

When you have met the lady of your choice, and there can be more than one, tell her your wishes and needs. Then it’s off to a private room where all your senses go exploring. Depending on your type of fetish, you can not only see her feet, but smell, touch and taste them.

Why our Maxim Girls love your foot fetish

The foot is an erogenous zone and therefore a feel-good area of the body. All men and women enjoy a relaxing foot massage. And when you worship the feet of our Maxim Girls by massaging, delicately touching and rubbing them, the ladies feel aroused too.

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Stimulation of the feet feels so good because the part of the brain that feels the feet bumps directly against the part of the brain that also feels the genitals. So this means that seeing or touching the feet feels like seeing or touching the genitals. A win-win situation for our foot fetishists and our Maxim Girls.

What am I allowed to do as a foot fetishist in an exclusive sex club?

We set no limits. Foot lovers are welcome guests with the ladies. You express your preferences and wishes to the lady of your choice and she will let you know if she wants to be part of your wish fulfilment.

Basically, our ladies are very open to foot fetishism and already have experience. A clear advantage for you.

Here are a few foot fanatic fantasies you could realise at the exclusive sex club Maxim Vienna:

  • Foot odour
  • Foot accessories from jewellery to tattoos
  • Certain foot features
  • Foot massage
  • Foot humiliation
  • Foot bondage

As you can see, there are hardly any limits. If you want to live out your fetish in BDSM, it is advisable to contact us. We can recommend the right lady, who may (depending on the lady) only be available by appointment.

Happiness lies at your feet

At the exclusive Maxim Vienna sex club, happiness is at your feet. Now you know where you can satisfy your foot fetish in Vienna and beyond. Our ladies are looking forward to special guests like you.