What Can I Do As A Sub In A Sex Club?

In the BDSM community, the dominant and submissive roles are very common. When you enter this new exciting world as a submissive person, a sub, there is a lot for you to discover. In this post, we’ll introduce some sub ways you can live out your submissiveness in Sex Club Maxim Vienna.

Table of content:

  • What exactly is a sub?
  • What role can I play as a sub in a sex club?
  • Permission and Punishment
  • Spanking and impact play
  • Mommy and the rebellious sub in the sex club
  • What to consider as a sub

What exactly is a sub?

A sub is a person, regardless of gender, who is submissive. This means that a sub is consensually obedient and submissive. As a sub, one also accepts to be disciplined. As a good sub, one is always respectful in the dom and sub relationship.

Submissive sex is an element of the BDSM community. Submissive sex is a subcategory of many practices in this scene. Besides this form, there are other groups within the wide BDSM world, such as bondage or S/M. However, we will focus on a few of the different types of subs that can be acted out in a sex club, such as Maxim Wien in Vienna.

What role can I play as a sub in a sex club?

If you feel the desire to mentally surrender to someone, to trustingly give up a piece of control and to serve, you are in the right place at the Maxim Vienna sex club. With its many sex play options, Maxim Vienna offers a place to live out many different sub roles.

Sex Club Maxim Vienna has, in addition to its private rooms, a special BDSM room equipped with all the trimmings. You can have fun with the Maxim Girls, but also make an appointment with a dominatrix for special BDSM wishes.

Since there are many possibilities here, we want to present the most popular sub roles that you can also take on at Sex Club Maxim Vienna. As a body-positive sub, you might have a preference for spanking. If you have a penchant for humiliation and degradation in erotic play, you will love to be disciplined. Are you a sub who likes to challenge the dominant person? Then you are a Brat. So you are rebellious and thus challenge your Dom’s strictness. If you feel the need to be cared for, you are in a childlike sub role. There are these and many more possibilities to act out as a sub.

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Let’s take a closer look at three popular sub roles:

Permission and punishment in a sex club

In this type of play, the sub, i.e. the submissive person, must ask for permission to perform certain activities. In a sex club this can be anything, such as permission to have an orgasm. If you as a sub don’t follow the rules, your authority figure will punish you. In our case, this is one of our Maxim Girls or a specially trained dominatrix. Depending on your wishes.

Spanking and Impact Play in a sex club

Erotic spanking is a type of impact play. It is a practice when your dominant sex partner beats you for satisfaction. Whips and paddles, crops and much more are used for this. You will also find a large selection of different tools at the Maxim Vienna sex club.

If you don’t want to go that far yet, a little spanking can also be an exciting form of foreplay with a Maxim Girl. Did you know that spanking increases blood flow and thus releases happy hormones? A good reason to take your first steps as a sub with a little spanking in our all-in-one Sex Club Maxim Wien.

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Mommy and the rebellious sub in the sex club

These roles can also be lived out particularly well in nightclub Maxim Wien. Here the sub is attracted by the great power imbalance. Are you a cheeky sub who constantly challenges your mommy? Do you talk back to your mommy in the sex club and show a not very submissive manner?

Through this provocation, the sub consciously tests the limits of his Dom or Mommy. In this category there are again different subs, such as the so-called “Little” or as already mentioned “Brats”. As a Little, the sub wants to be taken care of. You seek a lot of attention, ranging from praise to reprimand. This is also possible during a BDSM session with a professional dominatrix at the Maxim Vienna sex club.

What to consider as a sub visiting a sex club

Especially as a newcomer, it is important that you communicate your wishes, needs and above all your limits with your counterpart. What expectations do you have and what do you not want to live out?

Whether it is purely psychological dominance that you want to surrender to as a sub or physical submission, every sub has his or her own individual wishes. In which form you would like to serve as a sub is of course entirely up to you. Sex Club Maxim Vienna offers you the place, the right ladies and the many possibilities to live out your submissive fantasies.