What is it like in a brothel in Vienna?

You’ve never been to an establishment of this kind, but you’re still curious about what it’s like in a brothel? Together we will go on an exploration tour through the well-known Maxim Wien brothel in Vienna. We will clarify which lurid and cinematic thoughts are like bubbles that we burst with the needle of reality.

If you found our website for the first time, let’s start with a little introduction: who or what is Maxim Vienna? Nightclub Maxim Wien is a brothel that has been family run for decades. Maxim Wien, one of the most famous brothels in Vienna, preserves its classic core competencies that make up a brothel. According to the motto “never change a running system” coupled with “keep up with the times”, the erotic establishment is constantly modernized and adapted to the conditions of today.

What is it like in Maxim Wien the famous brothel in Vienna?

Are your ideas ready for the movies?

We would like to emphasize here that brothels have a similar approach, but each erotic establishment has its own handling, which may differ from others. For this reason, we refer exclusively to Maxim Vienna with a classic traditional approach.
We see the first bubble before entering the establishment. Cinematic scenes, often showing a dubious environment in dark alleys, hidden back doors, with no less dubious dark figures, draw a crude version to the horizontal trade. We take our reality needle and can stab into it with ease.

What is it like to go to a brothel in Vienna?

We go to the Maxim Vienna brothel. On the way there you will realize that it is in absolute top location. Right in the city center, surrounded by sights, 5-star hotels, restaurants and stores of all kinds. We are surrounded by Vienna’s charm and a vibrant city. So it’s not at all as dingy as we are sometimes sold on the screens. No dark alleys, no dirty back doors, and no questionable people.

Illuminated signs frame the entrance, like outside a nightclub. As soon as you walk in, security personnel are waiting outside the door, greeting you nicely and inviting you in. Once you find your way down the steps, a charming receptionist greets you and takes your wardrobe. There is no entrance fee at the Maxim Wien brothel. Suddenly you’re standing in the middle of the action.

What does it look like in a brothel in Vienna?

In the Maxim Vienna brothel, a large main area awaits with club music from the in-house DJ. Here guests and Maxim Girls come together. It’s like being in a club with dim lights, good beats, drinks and a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. You’ll also find sofas as inviting seating. There is a large bar where you can find selected champagnes. You have an unobstructed view of the entire room, where there is a small stage with a pole. Here the ladies present themselves alternately and drop one or the other cover. Further steps lead to an upper floor, where most of the rooms are located. Everywhere on the walls you will find artistic pictures with an erotic touch. There is something to see everywhere.

What are the women in the brothel like?

The ladies in Maxim Vienna brothel are between 18 and 30 years old. The ladies are affectionately called Maxim Girls and are mostly Eastern European ladies. Aren’t they world famous for their beauty? Maxim Vienna is a place to go for many tourists and businessmen from all over the world, so Maxim Girls speak at least conversational level English. Each lady is sexy and charming in her own way. From blonde to dark haired, short and tall, from super slim to curvy you will find an attractive selection. As an upscale erotic club, all ladies are sexy but elegantly dressed, wear high heels and are beautifully dressed up. The Maxim girls are open-minded, friendly and enjoy their work.

How does it work in a brothel?

Once you are in the brothel and have found your seat, you will first have a drink. In an upscale erotic establishment, like Maxim Vienna, champagne is preferred. You will see Maxim girls flirting with other guests, dancing and drinking together. All this is of course without obligation. You can relax, get to know the ladies and enjoy the sexy view. Is this heaven on earth? Maybe it is for you.

Arrive, relax, enjoy

You can chat with the lady of your choice, there is no one to supervise you. Everything is informal. You can move freely, go away, dance, drink, talk to another lady, think and choose one or more ladies when you want and are ready.

First clarify everything

If you have decided to go to a room with a Maxim Girl, then you discuss your wishes with the lady. If you want something that is outside the usual service, it is up to the respective lady whether and what additional service she would like to provide and at what extra cost. You will discuss this together.

In the Maxim Wien brothel, the prices are fixed per room and per hour. In the nightclub Maxim Vienna there are standard as well as VIP rooms, which are available for private use. All rooms are equipped with a king size bed and a shower, among other things. VIP rooms offer a little more comfort. For example, you can have wet fun in a Jacuzzi and mirrored walls.

Now it gets hot

Once these things are agreed, you can retreat and enjoy intimate togetherness. Here you can live out your erotic fantasies, whether a romantic encounter or a passionate adventure. By the way, the Maxim Wien brothel also offers a specially equipped BDSM room to fulfill wishes from this world as well.

Of course everything without time pressure

Since there is no time pressure in the Maxim Vienna brothel, and relaxation is the main focus, you can use a room from one hour. Unlike other forms of erotic establishments, such as a running house, there is no time pressure in a classic brothel. You come to relax and enjoy. This is true in the lounge area as well as in one of the private rooms.

What are the prices in a brothel in Vienna?

Maxim Vienna is an upscale brothel in the best location. Accordingly, sophisticated guests from all over the world find their way to Maxim Vienna brothel. With very good and fair working conditions for employees and ladies, as well as an exclusive service of the club, the prices are absolutely justified. Therefore, you should expect medium to higher prices during a visit.

Is it safe in a brothel?

In conclusion, most of the ideas about this industry do not correspond to reality at all. It is like going to a club with the benefits of a brothel. It is clean, hygienic and run according to strict legal guidelines. The risk of contracting a disease or being exploited in any way in an exclusive brothel is very low or unrealistic for both the ladies and the guests. The Maxim Vienna brothel is a safe place for everyone involved and in all areas. From strict and regular health checks to camera surveillance in the publicly accessible premises as well as discreet behavior, the Maxim brothel in Vienna is a place that offers security for ladies and guests.

Visit Maxim Vienna brothel

Why don’t you convince yourself and visit Maxim Vienna? Our doors are open for you every day from 8pm. Both gentlemen and couples are welcome. Visit our brothel with the energetic atmosphere of a club, relaxed mood of a bar and erotic vibes for exciting adventures. We are looking forward to your visit.