Where to go when the Laufhaus closes?

The desire is there, but the Laufhaus has already closed. So where to go when the Laufhaus closes? For us, it’s quite clear that it’s off to Maxim Wien. Because here the action goes on all night. Because unlike a Laufhaus, the Maxim Wien strip and sex club is open all night. Apart from that, there are even more advantages that speak for a nightclub. We’ll tell you which ones now.

Where to go when the Laufhaus closes? Of course to Nightclub Maxim Wien!

What is the difference between a Laufhaus and a brothel?

Cold aisles vs. hot party

How is the Laufhaus different from a classic brothel? A laufhaus is a special form of a brothel. First and foremost, Laufhauser rent out the rooms to the ladies. The term “Laufhaus” comes from the fact that clients walk through the house and look outside the doors to see if a lady is available. Appointments can be arranged with the ladies in advance by telephone.

Things are completely different in a classic brothel like Maxim Vienna. Strip and sex club Maxim Vienna is a night club. With its own DJ, party music, bar and stage, the experience is completely different. Maxim Wien offers its guests an all-round experience package. At Maxim Vienna you can arrive relaxed, enjoy drinks, flirt and dance with the Maxim Girls and watch them on stage. And when the desire is at its peak, you can always retreat to one of the private rooms.

So here it depends on what you are looking for. In search of quick satisfaction, one flits through the quiet corridors of a Laufhaus. While in a brothel club atmosphere, good-humoured girls are waiting for you without any time pressure.

The services and prices

Since the rooms in the Laufhaus are rented to the ladies, the ladies are entirely independent. They decide which services they want to offer and at what prices. In a brothel, on the other hand, the prices for the ladies and guests are the same for a usual range of services.

This is a relevant difference, which bears the risk that the prices in a Laufhaus can be far below or above the norm. Both directional swings are not optimal, if the price is too low, other ladies are forced to work for dumping prices to remain competitive. If the price is much more expensive, the customer may pay more. In addition, the ladies can charge extra for each service.

As the prices in a classical brothel are fixed for a usual scope, transparency and thus fairness on both sides apply for all ladies and of course for the guests. The prices may seem more expensive for some at first glance, but the overall experience in the brothel is on a completely different level.

The opening hours in the Laufhaus vs. sex club

A Laufhaus is open during the day and closes between midnight and 2 am. Maxim Wien opens its doors in the evening from 8 pm and closes them at dawn, when all the guests have gone home satisfied. To the question of where to go when the Laufhaus closes, we answer with off to Maxim Wien, where it continues after 2am.

And for those who want to decide which establishment suits them better, they should know in advance when they want to indulge their desire and how. Should it be fast and without much fuss or should it be a bit more? A little more fun, a little more luxury, a little more of everything.