Why are there no sales and discounts at Maxim Wien?

“Because I’m a girl, because I’m a girl. No back talk, man, because I win anyway, because I’m a girl” Just as the 90s hit from Lucilectric got stuck in our mind, that’s how tempting discounts are to some people. This is partially why we are often asked why there are no discounts at Maxim Wien. We would like to answer this question now once and for all.

Warum es im Maxim Wien keine Rabatte gibt.

Clearly, Maxim Girls are not goods!

We do not offer goods, but services. In addition, these are sexual services that are unique and of a special nature. For this reason, one cannot expect discounts in a brothel. Of course, this does not only apply to the ladies at Maxim Wien, but should also apply to the entire industry. If one were to offer the special services of a sex worker cheaper, that would mean, conversely, exploiting the lady’s positions.

Pandora’s Box in Vienna Sex Club Maxim

Offering an exclusive service like this for less could mean opening Pandora’s Box. As told in Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman in this world. Zeus gave her a box that should never be opened. She did it anyway and brought calamity to the world. So we’d better leave Pandora’s Box closed and allow the ladies the earning opportunities they desire.

It is also a fact that this profession is still stigmatized. The ladies should be allowed to forget that what they are doing is not fully accepted by society. The young women shouldn’t feel they are worthless. Unfortunately, it is part of everyday life that the police and other authorities have to protect girls and women. Too often they end up in the wrong hands of pimps or human traffickers. This is a dark topic that is closely interwoven with the price issue. In order to counteract this with our possibilities, the prices of the services remain at the same high level.

Thoughts of a woman

From a woman’s point of view, I would like to share the following thoughts with you. What makes a woman and / or a Maxim Girl so special?

She gives her counterpart time. Time is free, but at the same time it is priceless.

You cannot own time. You cannot keep time and you cannot get it back.

She gives joy and devotion. That means she gives herself to you. She trusts you in order to show herself in all her perfection.

She gives you luxury. Above all, she gives the luxury of sharing intimate moments with you. Luxury is when performance and passion merge.

She is your safe haven. You can share with her your most intimate desires and your secret fantasies.

And last but not least, she gives you her body.

The quote from Ernst Ferstl (Austrian writer) speaks volumes:

“The greatest luxury we should afford is the priceless, precious little joys in life.”

Why there will never be discounts at Maxim Wien

In summary, you can name the following reasons why there will never be discounts on the services of the ladies at Maxim Wien. First of all, there won’t be discounts in Maxim because it is morally and ethically unacceptable. As we have already described, engagement, emotions and experiences are excluded from discounts.

On the other hand, Maxim Wien is an exclusive establishment and not a retail business that has to sell its goods. Common goods, such as clothing, have to be sold in the sale to make room for new goods. When you go to a bar to meet friends and have a good time, you don’t expect sales and discounts either. This is not only the case with us.

Maxim Wien rewards loyal customers

We do not offer conventional sales and discounts. Therefore, bargain hunters may not get what they are looking for. But we have wonderful guests. For this reason we have implemented a reward program for the guests of Maxim Wien on our website. We believe this is the right way to reward loyal repeat customers.

Maxim Wien VIP program

Like other providers in the luxury segment, we are happy to be generous to our VIPs. In addition to the many advantages of the VIP program, we have also developed a coupon system for Maxim Wien VIPs. This program is not only available to our VIP guests at certain times (such as a sale), but is available and redeemable all year round. It is more important to us to give something back to loyal guests than to distribute discounts.

Your rating counts

As a VIP member you have, among other things, the opportunity to rate the lady. The feedback of the guests is displayed below the respective profile of the lady. The consistently good reviews not only help other guests, but also our ladies in particular. We also know that our dear regular guests will always find their way to Maxim Wien after so many adversities. That is the reason why we launched the Maxim Wien VIP program. We want to give something back to our guests.

Give us your feedback

The evaluation of the ladies is important. But we also appreciate every review of the club. We also reward that with the VIP Reward program. There are a few platforms where you can leave your rating. You will find a list of all the important platforms for this on our Maxim Wien website.

If you are not yet a member of the Maxim Wien VIP Program, register for free and benefit from the advantages.

PS: We are still in the test phase of our new VIP system. This means that we are constantly working on improvements in order to guarantee you optimal use. We look forward to your feedback, suggestions and ideas.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Maxim Sex Club in Vienna soon!