Why does a man go to an escort?

Why do men go to escort ladies? There are several possible answers to this burning question. As diverse as the answers are, so diverse are the men who seek out an escort. We take a closer look at the TOP 3 reasons why men go to an escort.

Why you should visit an escort

Who goes to an escort?

Often women of married men ask themselves the question, does my husband cheat? Does my husband go to a brothel or does my husband go to an escort? We would like to send one thing in advance. Not only married men go to escorts. But also single men, divorced men, widowed men or men with a handicap. And of course men regardless of age. We would also like to emphasise that not all men go to a brothel or book an escort.

Why do you go to an escort?

Reason No.1: The connection

The reasons why one goes to an escort are manifold. Of course, the core of the meeting is usually sexual satisfaction. But many men go to an escort for even more reasons.

The most demanded service is the so-called girlfriend experience. In addition to the erotic part, men especially appreciate escorts who listen, support and advise on life issues. Men therefore seek out escorts to feel connected to a woman. They want to be able to talk to someone about everything.

Men are therefore just as vulnerable as women and can often best live out their emotional side with an escort lady. They also don’t want to be judged for it, as the reputation of the stronger sex precedes them. Not only single men, but also married men can live out this side with an escort lady.

Reason No.2: The Foreplay

Not only women, but also men miss extensive foreplay. Especially in relationships, sex life can come up a little short. Especially foreplay suffers from this. A man secretly also longs to spend an extended time in bed.

As a man, you tend to be rejected more often, and some women are happy if they can quickly reach for the remote control so as not to miss their favourite series. An escort, on the other hand, gives her client her undivided attention. She takes time for foreplay, responds to her counterpart’s wishes with devotion and takes the time to enjoy each other.

Reason No. 3: The free ticket

The third reason why men seek out escort ladies applies to married or taken men. He finds out that she had an affair. Women cheat just like men, but are less likely to be caught cheating.

Men take this moment of shock as an opportunity to visit an escort. Often they just want to talk about their situation and tell their escort about the woman at home who cheated on them or left him with the children they have together.

While a woman can turn a blind eye and forgive her husband’s affair, men can hardly do that. A man’s ego does not allow that. But his wife’s affair gives him a free pass, so to speak.

Basically, no matter what reason a man has for going to an escort, it does not mean that he does not love his wife. Men can separate sex and love. Moreover, going to an escort also does not mean that men have affairs with other women. They would not leave their wife for another woman.