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Why Maxim is a Sexclub and better than a Laufhaus

There is a huge difference between a Laufhaus and a Sexclub and there’s no such thing as Laufhaus Maxim. There are numerous advantages that one has over the other, but this mainly depends on the type of setting the client prefers. If you want to learn about some of the advantages and differences of Sexclubs over Laufhauses, keep reading this post!

Meeting the girls in Sexclubs over Laufhauses

In a Laufhaus setting, meeting the girls usually means a sudden face-to-face interaction where the client has little time to determine if this is the right Laufhaus girl to pick. A Vienna Laufhaus is not a social place where you spend time talking with the ladies for a longer time and getting to know them better.

On the other hand, in a Sexclub like our Maxim, clients can sit down, order something from the extensive drinks menu, look around for potential candidates for the night and take their time. Girls might approach for chit-chat, but the client is never forced to pick a lady on the spot. Our clients are free to enjoy their drink and the music as long as they wish before commencing to the room with one of the Maxim Girls. This is something that you cannot do in a Laufhaus Wien.

Laufhauses are not group activities, Sexclubs are

If you are thinking about having a night out with your friends, visiting a Laufhaus in Vienna isn’t particularly the most fun activity together. Contrary to Laufhauses, Sexclubs like Maxim are perfect for larger groups of people.

We here at Maxim can gladly arrange bachelor or birthday parties for you and your friends. Larger groups of people are eligible for a discount on the drinks for the night, and our Maxim girls make ensure that this is a night to be remembered! You will never find this in a Vienna Laufhaus!

Social aspect of Sexclubs over Laufhauses

One of the biggest differences between Sexclubs and Laufhauses is the social factor. This is the main reason why Maxim is not a Laufhaus and why Laufhaus Maxim isn’t correct.

Laufhaus Maxim interiour

Maxim is a sex and nightclub where clients can socialize and have a couple of drinks while talking to the bar staff, the girls and even to each other. One of the most appealing things about a Sexclub is actually interacting with other people and the girls. Being able to sit down at the bar before and after the session is something that many of our clients enjoy.

Club atmosphere in Sexclub Maxim Wien

The music in Maxim Wien is ensured by our resident DJ and the stage is often occupied by one of our Maxim girls. There’s always something happening in the club, but it’s not distracting, so it’s easy to concentrate on the ladies or the conversation you’re having.

This is much different in a Vienna Laufhaus where it’s usually quiet in the corridors and everything is happening in the rooms. Drinks are scarce in Laufhauses and most of the time only a vending machine is available as far as drink options go. Of course, these are two different environments and some clients might prefer one over the other, which we totally understand.

Having the option to take the girls out of the Sexclub

At our particular Sexclub Maxim Wien, clients have the option of taking some of the girls as escort dates wherever they wish. This can mean a romantic hotel escort date, dinner at a fancy restaurant or any event that’s happening in Vienna.

Having the ability to leave the club with the ladies and go wherever you want is a huge advantage that our particular Sexclub has over Laufhaus Maxim. Read more about our escort service here: Escort Vienna

Visit Sexclub Maxim Wien

If you like the advantages that Sexclubs have over Laufhauses, you should definitely visit us in Sexclub Maxim Wien. You are going to have a fantastic time and our Maxim girls will provide the necessary entertainment for the night. Get in touch with us if you have any other questions!