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Why Maxim is not an FKK Club

Maxim Wien is a sexclub, nightclub and a stripclub, and there are many differences between our type of club and an FKK Club. Here are the things that differentiate the two types of club settings in Vienna!

Interactions with the girls in a Sexclub and an FKK Club

When it comes to meeting the ladies in an FKK Club, most of the time the girls will be naked or in their lingerie. Although this sounds good, it also leaves little to the imagination and destroys part of the experience in meeting new ladies. In an FKK Club Wien, clients are required to wear towels around their waist or be in white bath robes and not be in their regular clothes. This is where the “ice bears” term comes from, which is often used for FKK Club clients.

On the other hand, when meeting ladies in a sexclub, they are wearing sexy dresses that make your imagination run wild. You can wear any fashionable and stylish clothes that you want and impress the ladies with your style. Invite the Maxim Girl for a drink to get to know her better, as you don’t have to rush anything in our Maxim Nightclub !

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Going as a group to a Sexclub and an FKK Club

Although visiting an FKK Vienna can be done with a group of friends, there’s much more to do in a Sexclub like Maxim Wien with your buddies. Not only are sexclubs usually much more lively when compared to FKK Clubs, but there’s also a different vibe in the two types of establishments.

In a nightclub, you can order drinks to enjoy, have a separate table for you and your friends and spend as much time with the ladies as you wish. You can get to know the ladies, flirt and laugh with them while having your buddies around, which is much more enjoyable in a sexclub when compared to an FKK Club in Vienna.

A party in Maxim is more enjoyable than in an FKK Club
Party in Maxim Wien

As a matter of fact, we here at Sexclub Maxim Wien offer special parties for larger groups of people. If you are thinking about throwing a bachelor or divorce party, or simply a birthday party for yourself or your friend, Maxim Wien is the perfect choice in Vienna! Take a look at our party offers on the following pages:

Entertainment in a Sexclub over an FKK Club in Vienna

A sexclub and an FKK Club both offer different types of entertainment for the clients that visit them. For example, some Saunaclubs have an outdoor pool area, various wellness facilities and other things that clients can enjoy. On the other hand, a sexclub always has good music playing in the background, high quality drinks, girls dancing on the stage and a certain vibe you wouldn’t find in an FKK Club.

Sexclub Maxim Wien’s escort service

Another thing that immensely differentiates FKK Clubs in Wien and our sexclub is the fact that our Maxim has a dedicated escort service that can be used by the clients. This means that in case you meet a lady in the club that you would like to take out to a date, you can do that with us! Most of the girls who are working in our club are available for escort bookings too, which is not offered at any FKK Club in Vienna.

If you want to learn more about our escort service, take a look at the Escort Girls Vienna, the official escort agency of Maxim’s homepage: Escort Vienna

Reach out to us or stay at Sexclub Maxim Wien

Now you can clearly see why Maxim Wien is not an FKK Club, but rather a sexclub with much more to offer. If you like the advantages that our club has over Saunaclubs, be sure to either contact us or come and stay at our Maxim Night Club for a fantastic time in Vienna!