Why Stripclub Maxim is ideal to have fun with friends?

Do you love spending time with your friends and experiencing new things? You wish to create memories that you can remember for years? In case you answered with a yes, we highly suggest you visit Stripclub Maxim Wien with a couple of friends and enjoy the company of sexy ladies in one of Vienna’s last and best strip and sex clubs!

In case you need more evidence why Maxim is the right place for you and your buddies, be sure to keep on reading the post!

Have fun in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere

Stripclub Maxim Wien is a professional business and we always want our guests to feel safe and have a fantastic time. Our club is located in the very center of Vienna, so you never have to worry about going through a bad neighborhood or having to be concerned about your safety.

Our club is a safe place where you can relax and unwind with your friends and not have to stress about anything. Of course, being in the company of great looking ladies always helps.

Enjoy good music and great drinks in Maxim

Maxim Wien is a classic stripclub where you can sit down, order a few drinks, watch the ladies dance on stage and enjoy the moment. Many of our Maxim girls are great dancers and all of them are good entertainers, so you are definitely not going to be bored while staying in our club.

You can flirt with the girls, enjoy good conversations with friends in comfy sofas and even take the Maxim girls up to one of the rooms for a more private setting. Yes, that’s right; sex with a stripper is possible in our Maxim club!

Maxim Wien is not a saunaclub

Some people mistake Maxim for a saunaclub, but our club has very little in common with those types of establishments. Rather than having all the ladies walk around the club naked, leaving no excitement and no room for imagination, the Maxim girls dress elegantly and seduce their clients while leaving some things for the bedroom.

However, they do like to get undressed on stage while performing or when they are spending time with you privately in one of our premium rooms. Besides, saunaclubs are not the types of establishments that you want to visit with friends anyways.

Organize your private party in the Maxim Stripclub

You are able to organize a party for you and your friends in Maxim if you truly want to have a good time. Regardless if you wish to throw a birthday, bachelor or even a divorce party, Maxim Wien is the right place! The ladies and the staff members will do everything in their power to make this a night to be remembered. Additionally, the bigger your friend group, the bigger discounts on drinks and additional benefits you get. Because of this, it is even more appealing to visit our club as a group.

Bachelor party in Vienna


As you can see, visiting our Stripclub Maxim Wien with a group of friends can truly give you something to remember for years. As mentioned, we also offer premium rooms with various things, such as a Jacuzzi and more. So, in case you are looking for a place to visit with your friends while in Vienna, Maxim Wien should definitely be on the top of your list. Our Maxim ladies await your arrival for a wild night in the stripclub!

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