With the Maxim Vienna Rickshaw through Vienna

Do you know the cool bicycle cabs that cruise around Vienna’s city center? By now, the velos on three wheels are part of the cityscape. With smart advertising, they are also a colorful eye-catcher and provide even more entertainment value. Reason enough to send our own Nightclub Maxim Wien rickshaw through the city of Vienna.

Nightclub Maxim Vienna takes you on a ride with a rickshaw
Take a drive with a Nightclub Maxim Vienna rickshaw

Nightclub Maxim Vienna is in the starting blocks

To see rickshaws with the Nightclub Maxim Wien logo whizzing through the city was the idea of the management years ago. Our competitors had a small lead at the start. Now our time has come and we are in the starting blocks. Discover Vienna from now on with one of the Nightclub Maxim Wien rickshaws from Velocityline.

Let the juices flow

According to the motto “let the juices flow” we let our creativity run free. Whether daring or not, will this clearly ambiguous slogan attract attention? If we elicit a smile, if we arouse curiosity and if interest is generated, then we have created a memory.

are you man enough nightclub maxim vienna rickshaw model no 2
Are you man enough? Maxim Vienna rickshaw model no.2

A cool rickshaw experience in the city of Vienna

No matter if you are a resident or a visitor of the city, a rickshaw ride is a cool way for everyone to explore the city in a different way. With the rickshaw you can steer through the small alleys that are not accessible by car or bus.

Simply unforgettable with Maxim Wien Sex in the City

Whether you want to do a sightseeing tour or get from A to B quickly, jump into the little cab on wheels. It gets even better when you get chauffeured to the front door of the nightclub with the Nightclub Maxim Vienna rickshaw.

Final stop Nightclub Maxim Vienna

After the relaxing ride, unforgettable adventures await you at Nightclub Maxim Vienna. We look forward to seeing you and wish you lots of fun and say: Let the juices flow!

Nightclub Maxim Vienna - its a sin, but its juicy!