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We clear up: 5 false clichés about women in luxury erotic nightclubs

There are still countless myths surrounding the red-light scene. And women in particular still struggle with prejudices and misconceptions in this industry. They are often stigmatised and labelled with derogatory characteristics. This leads to discrimination as a result. Therefore, it is time that we clear up the misconceptions in many minds. Here are 5 false stereotypes about sex workers in luxury erotic nightclubs.

What are the stereotypes about sex workers in luxury erotic nightclubs?

Many stereotypes concern women in the industry in particular. These persist stubbornly across the entire field of employment, whether one is working as a self-employed escort or in a running house, sauna club, brothel or street prostitution.

We would like to draw attention to the following 5 false clichés in this article:

  1. she only does it for the money
  2. she only does it because she can’t do anything else
  3. she is forced into sex work
  4. she is waiting for the prince to come and take her out
  5. she is employed in the club

Cliché No. 1: She only does it for the money

Do you do your job for the money? Probably for the most part, because we all do a job to earn money first and foremost. If you’re lucky, you also enjoy your work. This is true for every industry and for every person who has to go to work to make a living.

Why then are sex workers stigmatised with this prime example? Of course, many start sex work to earn money. Many women, especially in luxury erotic nightclubs like Maxim Vienna, can earn very high incomes, which may well be higher than our politicians. This is of course a great incentive for women to work in a luxury erotic nightclub, such as Maxim Vienna.

Cliché No. 2: She only does it because she can’t do anything else

This cliché is fundamentally wrong. The reasons can be manifold. Apart from the given high earning potential, factors such as the lifestyle that goes with it and also the possibility to organise one’s time more flexibly count. Of course, this also depends on the type of local in which she works. In the luxury erotic nightclub Maxim Wien there are opening hours during which the ladies should be present.

5 false clichés of girls in luxury erotic nightclubs as maxim vienna

As we know, ladies from the most diverse social classes come to us. This can be a newcomer who has just started studying and comes from a good home. She wants to do this job, she enjoys it. But it can also be a mother who wants to take better care of her children. For example, she works on selected nights and has time during the day.

Cliché No. 3: She is forced into sex work

The sad truth is that it exists. There are women in the world who are forced into sex work. This rate is comparatively very low. The vast majority do their work voluntarily and definitely in luxury erotic nightclubs.

With us there is absolutely no coercion. Every lady decides for herself whether she wants to do this job, which services she wants to offer and when she wants to work. Our ladies can also choose whether they want to serve the respective guest with their service. In luxury erotic nightclubs, such as Maxim Vienna, you can assume that every lady does her work voluntarily.

Cliché No. 4: She is waiting for the prince to come and get her out

Who knows, maybe there is that one young woman who has been “taken out” by her prince. The saying “the exception proves the rule” then applies here. Basically, the ladies in luxury erotic nightclubs are aware of their role. They appear as self-confident and strong women who enjoy their role and activity, especially in upscale nightclubs.

And for this reason, that the ladies have fun in and at work, there is no need to be taken out by a prince. They work in a professional environment with upscale guests and take their work just as seriously as anyone else in their profession.

Cliché No. 5: She is employed in the erotic nightclub

Women who work in sex clubs work on a self-employed basis. They enjoy all the benefits of a luxury erotic nightclub, as well as the benefits of self-employment. This cliché is also wrong. A nightclub offers the premises, as well as security and first-class guests who visit luxury erotic nightclubs.

The services of the ladies are offered by them independently. For this reason, the services vary from lady to lady. Each lady and of course our Maxim Girls decide on their own. They are free at any time to decide whether they want to stay or go. Of course, they also have to bear the obligations of self-employment, such as tax matters.

sexy girls ready for you at luxury erotic nightclubs as maxim vienna in Vienna

See for yourself in the luxury erotic nightclub Maxim Vienna

Maybe our 5 false clichés about sex workers could show you that sex work is also real work. Our Maxim Girls work voluntarily, gladly and professionally at our luxury erotic nightclub Maxim Vienna. We would be happy if you would like to convince yourself of this and welcome you to join us.

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