Even the gods approve

For decades, tales have entwined around Nightclub Maxim Vienna. As exciting as the story and its world of gods is the nightclub in the middle of Vienna. Even the gods in Olympus have declared Nightclub Maxim Vienna to be a temple of sensual pleasure. Which myths around Maxim Vienna are true, you will find out in this article.

The gods approve nightclub Maxim Wien as temple of lust

Myth No. 1 Nightclub Maxim Vienna, the best place for sex in Vienna

The most beautiful of all goddesses looks smiling at Maxim Vienna. For half a century, Aphrodite has been delighting Maxim Girls and their desire for pleasure. As the Greek goddess of beauty, sensual desire and sexuality, she has declared Nightclub Maxim Vienna the temple of lust.

Myth No. 2 Nightclub Maxim Vienna, the best escort service in Vienna

Love goddess Aphrodite is also known as hetaera goddess. Hetaerae were female prostitutes who were recognized and considered very honorable. The same applies to the ladies in Maxim Vienna, the Maxim Girls. Maxim escort girls are not only honorable but also known to enchant everyone.

Myth No. 3 Nightclub Maxim Vienna, a place for dominance and submission

Between Olympus and the underworld, there is a room in the middle of Maxim Vienna Nightclub that opens the gates for BDSM adventures. Both Hades, god of the underworld, and Zeus, mightiest of all gods, look curiously at the multi-facetted BDSM room at Maxim Vienna.

If even the gods approve, then let Maxim Vienna and its Maxim Girls take you to the Olympus of ecstasy.

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