OMG! The curfew is falling!

The curfew falls this Friday, March 4th, 2022 at 11:59:59 p.m. We just say: finally! Night gastronomy in Austria is now allowed to open completely. The joy is not only written in our article, but also in our faces. We face this day with big red hearts in our eyes. Just in time for the best date of the year so far, we have even more news for you.

Nightclub Maxim Wien is open all night again!

Nightclub Maxim Wien returns to regular opening hours

The good news ensures that we can open for you as usual. That means from Friday we will be there for you every day from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. Without the early closing hour, which was constantly lurking in wait for us, we can relax again and celebrate extensively. And what is even better, in the Nightclub Maxim Wien you can also put all your erotic fantasies into practice.

An erotic fair for adults

With an area of around 800m², Nightclub Maxim Wien offers a huge playground for adults. Almost like an erotic fair that is open to you all year round. There are delicious drinks, sexy sweets, toys and private rooms that, with a little imagination, are reminiscent of a hall of mirrors. Like on a carousel, you can spin to the climax in Maxim Wien.

Sparkling pleasure in Nightclub Maxim Vienna

We have an exclusive selection of fine champagnes to also bring the palate to a climax. So that you can always choose from a first-class selection, we have added four new champagnes to our range. Like all our champagnes, these come from prestigious houses such as Moët & Chandon , Veuve Clicquot and Pierre Morlet . You can find detailed information about each champagne in our virtual champagne menu.

Time to go to bed

In our most recent blog post, mirror, mirror on the wall, we presented one of our newly renovated VIP rooms. As promised, we never tire of constantly improving ourselves. And so we have redesigned another VIP room.

Our guests have wanted something for a long time and we have now implemented it. The old style of this room had a shower only. On your next visit to this VIP room, you will find a whirlpool. This is probably the biggest highlight in the room, which has also been given a new coat of paint.

new VIP room at nightclub Maxim Vienna
newly renovated VIP room at nightclub Maxim Vienna

Golden times at the Maxim Vienna nightclub

The renovated VIP room shines with partly golden wall paint. With the otherwise dark colors you can expect an extravagant color combination that creates a glamorous ambience. In this room you will also find yourself in front of a mirrored wall. With these innovations and the Maxim girl of your choice, you can treat yourself to luxury paired with erotic.

Experience Nightclub Maxim Vienna and its hot attractions

With the regular opening times, it’s time to liven up Nightclub Maxim Wien. Are you young or young at heart? Are you single or are you a couple? Maxim Wien has the right attraction for everyone. You are welcome to let off steam in the erotic fair. It’s gonna be sexy and hot!

We are looking forward to your visit.