News Update: Admission to Maxim Vienna

If you want to visit Sex Club Maxim Wien, there is now an entrance fee. But don’t be alarmed! In this article, we explain why we charge admission and why this is particularly advantageous for our club guests.

All information about our new admission management:

  • How much is the admission fee at Maxim Wien?
  • Why the admission fee has a positive effect for our guests
  • What do you get when you pay admission?
  • How do you get free admission to Maxim Wien?
News Update brothel and sex club Maxim Wien in Vienna! receive cash & dollars to tip with admission fee

How much is the entrance fee at Sex Club Maxim Vienna

Sex Club Maxim Vienna has optimised its admission concept in favour of its guests and the ladies present. From now on, guests will have to pay an entrance fee of €20. Couples who wish to visit Maxim Wien have free entry to the sex club. However, those who pay an entrance fee will immediately receive valid benefits.

Why the admission fee has a positive effect for guests

We have introduced our admission management in favour of our guests as well as our ladies. To protect our guests and Maxim Girls from prying eyes, everyone who wants to visit Maxim Wien now has to pay an entrance fee.

It often happens that passers-by are curious and want to take a quick look inside a well-known brothel like Maxim Wien. As quickly as they come, they leave. We want to guarantee our guests and ladies the greatest possible discretion. Maxim Wien is an oasis of well-being for everyone involved and one thing above all: discreet and safe.
In addition, we don’t want our Maxim girls to feel less appreciated because of their unpleasant curiosity. With the entrance fee, we want to counteract this and ensure an undisturbed evening for everyone.

What you get when you pay admission

Every guest who pays admission receives an immediately valid discount of €10. Now the admission price doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

The €10 discount can be used to buy a bottle of champagne or to book a room.

tip our maxim girls at brothel and sex club maxim vienna!

To round off our offer in the all-in-one erotic nightclub, we now also offer table dancing at Maxim Vienna. You can now also tip the Maxim girls for table dancing, striptease or just for fun.

Find out more about table dance at Maxim Vienna here

How do you get free entry to Maxim Wien?

As always and everywhere, there are exceptions and ways to get free admission to Maxim Wien. How do you get free admission to Maxim Wien? There are various ways to do this.

We distribute flyers at trade fairs and other events, as well as in the city centre. These could contain a voucher for free entry to Maxim Wien. Guests of neighbouring hotels can also receive vouchers for free admission. We recommend simply asking the concierge. Travelling by taxi in Vienna? Ask your taxi driver for a Maxim Wien voucher. You could be in luck here too.

There are even more ways for you to get free admission to Maxim Wien. Sign up for our newsletter, for example. You will automatically receive a voucher when you sign up for the newsletter. Apart from that, there could always be a voucher in one newsletter or another.

Write a positive review and receive free entry for your next visit. Our receptionist will be happy to help you. Please don’t forget to show the review to either our receptionist or our bar staff to secure your free entry.

We are already working on our new online system to give you even more options soon. Visit our website regularly to stay up to date or subscribe to our newsletter. We look forward to hearing from you.