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Start Working as a Maxim Girl in Maxim Wien

If you are looking for a legal and lucrative sex job in Vienna, then keep on reading. Maxim Wien is looking for new girls who want to try themselves in the paysex scene. Maxim is our stripclub and brothel in the heart of Vienna and now we want to expand our lineup.

During the Covid lockdown, we had no other choice but to close our doors. Now that all the brothels are allowed to be open again, we can continue right where we left off. We plan to get back to our usual opening times from July 1st, 2021.

As part of our reopening plan, we are also offering you the opportunity to become the next Maxim girl. In this article, we are going to share you some information and resources so that you can read all the details about what awaits you in Maxim!

Party Girls Wanted at Nightclub Maxim Wien!

Why is Maxim Your Best Choice in Vienna?

Many events, parties and other crazy nights took place in Nightclub Maxim Wien throughout the years. We value our Maxim Girls just as much as our clients. Maintaining a strong lineup of girls is one of our main priorities, which is why many talented ladies have worked for us for years, including porn stars.

Here, you can learn from experienced girls while having the support of our professional management. With decades of experience under our belt, we can show you how to be the best at your career while enjoying it at the same time.

We at Maxim support ethical and moral work conditions. You are never forced to do anything you are not comfortable with. We respect the fact that every girl working at Maxim has a unique personality that comes with individual goals and limits.

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What is the Philosophy of Maxim Wien?

There is a reason why Maxim Wien is one of the most popular brothels in Vienna. We have found out that the secret to leading a successful brothel is to keep the team spirit alive. We consider everyone working at Maxim as part of a huge team, including the management and the girls as well.

Stripclub Maxim Wien

If we truly want to make our customers happy, we need to work together. We need to communicate and support each other so that Nightclub Maxim remains a great place for everyone. This is why our brothel is the main place to visit for many of our clients who want to leave their daily lives behind for a few hours.

Now you are able to become part of our team and enjoy the benefits of our work environment. Read more about the Maxim team in detail in the following article: A Brothel With a Heart and Team Spirit

How to Start Your Career as a Maxim Girl?

We have talked a lot about the current situation at Maxim and the main benefits of working with us. However, we still did not talk about the 4-step process of becoming a Maxim Girl. We did our best to make it as easy as possible to apply to Maxim as a sex worker.

Since prostitution is legal in Vienna, the government does its best to control the paysex scene. This is why the whole procedure is made simple for everyone. The first part will be obviously to contact us so that we can make sure you are fit for the job.

The first two steps are basically about letting us know you better both online and in person. The other two are mainly about getting your papers and getting ready to work. We explain the whole process in detail in this article: 4 Steps to be One of the Maxim Wien Girls